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Unveiling a Royal Collaboration: Paleis het Loo, by John King

We are delighted and excited to announce an exquisite new collaboration between White Rabbit Gallery and the esteemed Palace Het Loo. Coinciding with the Palace's captivating flower exhibition, "Bloom", our collection will grace the shelves of the Palace museum shop from May onwards.

The Majestic Palace het Loo

The collection, meticulously curated from White Rabbit Gallery's 'Golden Spring' collection, is a tribute to the timeless beauty of nature's flowers and the rich heritage of Palace Het Loo. Carefully handcrafted by alchemy wizard and glassblowing artist, John King, each piece captures the essence of spring with delicate, real, Daisies, Narcissus, and honeybees plated in 24 karat gold.

Real Narcissus flower broche - 24 karat gold plated

What sets this collection apart is the magical realization that every item still contains its organic core, which is plated in pure, 24 karat gold. Making every piece 100 % unique and a symbolic tribute to the natural world.

Real Daisy flower pendant - 24 karat gold plated

We proudly source our honeybees from responsible beekeepers in the lush landscapes of the UK's Ashdown forests. They all lived happy lives and passed away of natural causes, no bee's were harmed during the creation of our art. As advocates for environmental conservation, we support the Dutch Bee Foundation in their mission for a more bee-friendly planet. Our gold-plated honeybee pendants and pins serve as ambassadors to their species, sparking discussion about the vital role of Bees in our ecosystem.

Real honeybee pendant - 24 karat gold plated

Inspired by the breathtaking flowers of the Palace gardens and the "Bloom" exhibition, all glass pendants and ornaments are handcrafted by John King from the finest borosilicate glass. Each piece embodies and captures the magic elegance of blooming flowers as true botanical treasures.

Pink Daisy glass flower pendant - Handmade, Borosilicate glass

Presented in a luxury jewellery box, adorned with the Palace Het Loo logo accompanied by the creator's signature, the jewellery becomes a unique gift and symbolic keepsake to everyone that cares for and enjoys nature.

Paleis het Loo, by John King - Jewellery box

Join us on a journey through botanical wonders at the Palace museum shop and experience the allure of Palace Het Loo's floral exhibition and explore our collection at the Palace museum shop. Get your tickets here: Paleis het Loo, Bloom exhibition Ticket Page.

Love & light

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