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New Bee bell jar.png

These mind blowing and totally unique pieces of fine art are the result of John's ingenious creativity and magical skills. 

Honeybee, 24 karat gold plated

As in our jewellery collection these works all contain an actual organic item inside, such as dragonflies, butterflies, beetles or bee's.

DOWNLOADED Bee gold with honey 1.jpg

Honeybee, 24 karat gold plated

Bell Jar 2.jpg

All miticuously hand plated in pure, 24 karat gold and staged in magnificent, hand blown and decorated glass bell jars. 

Bell Jar 13.jpg

Dragonfly in bell jar 24 karat gold plated

Honeybee's in bell jar 24 karat gold plated

Ash memorabilia, Pedants and Spheres. These amazing pieces of glass jewellery and art contain a small quantity of human or animal ashes. Custom made for you, these memorabilia are the most classy, meaningful and beautiful way to remember a loved one.

Available in 3 different models and 3 colors; Flower pendants, DNA helix pendant and sphered globe.
All 3 modes are available in 3 colors; blue, red and green.

Are you looking for a totally unique centerpiece in your interior?

New Bee bell jar.png

Honeybee, 24 karat gold plated

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