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 'Ambassadors to Our Species' 
In the realm of contemporary art, there exists a masterful fusion of craftsmanship and alchemical magic, brought to life by visionary artist, John King. King's intricate creations seamlessly blend the art of glassblowing with the ancient craft of electroforming. With his work King creates a mesmerizing display of art that captivates the senses and sparks discussion.

Ambassadors to our species. Honeybee's 24 karat gold plated

King's art is more than just an artistic endeavor; it's a profound exploration of the delicate balance between the natural world and the impact of humanity on our planet's life. His debut collection stands as a testament to his commitment to this vital dialogue. 

King's work goes beyond the mere realm of aesthetics; it is a call to action, an invitation for dialogue, and a reflection on our shared responsibility. "Ambassadors to Our Species" reminds us to consider the impact of our choices and our collective duty to safeguard the fragile ecosystems that sustain life on Earth.

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Ambassadors to our speciesHoneybee, 24 karat gold plated

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Drawing inspiration from the fragility of nature, King meticulously crafts his pieces to provoke introspection and raise questions about our influence on the planet's biodiversity. The collection features real honeybees, bumblebees, and dragonflies, preserved in their full glory and plated in pure, radiant gold. Every minute detail of these exquisite creatures is painstakingly captured, revealing the breathtaking artistry of nature itself.

Bell Jar 13.jpg

Ambassadors to our species. Dragonfly, 24 karat gold plated

Ambassadors to our species: Bumblebee's, 24 karat gold plated 


White Rabbit Gallery supports the Dutch Bee Foundation in their quest for a more Bee friendly planet

Ambassadors to Our Species - Belljars with gold plated bee's

Ambassadors to our species. Honeybee, 24 karat gold plated

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