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VAT: NL004159674B60

Chamber of comm.: 85865664

1107 WS, Amsterdam

The Netherlands 


+31 6 250 105 86

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For any inquiries please reach out via the details provided or leave us a message below. We're here most of the time or will get back to you really soon.

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My friendship with John and his family, and our shared passion for the beauty of nature, was at the basis for our collaboration and the formation of the White Rabbit Gallery EU in 2022.


As a 17 year veteran on the Amsterdam Animal Ambulance, and a life long enthusiast of everything that lives and breaths, I was immediately captured by the unique nature and story behind his amazing jewellery and works of art. All inspired by nature and made with a touch of magic.

For any questions do not hesitate to reach out, we look forward to helping you. 

We hope you enjoy our collection.

Love & light,

Arjan Radder

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