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We'd like you to enjoy your White Rabbit Gallery jewellery as long as possible. And if you take good care, it will stay beautiful for many lifetimes. 


Our glass jewellery is made from high quality, solid borosilicate glass and is not as delicate or fragile as it may seem. However it can of course scratch or break when coming into contact with hard surfaces like stone, metal or concrete. So just be careful when handling it and taking it on and off. Be careful not to lose the vibrance and details of the glass art by spraying chemicals like deodorant, perfumes, hairspray's etc. If you do, you can easily clean your glass jewellery with a glass cleaner and or a dry cloth. Store it in the box when you're not wearing it to keep it like new and enjoy it forever.

Our gold, silver and platinum jewellery is made from the highest purity precious metals available. All items are created with an actual organic, natural item inside. The item is plated with different layers of magic amongst which a solid layer of copper and then plated with precious metals. Although all items consist of an extremely fragile innercore our magic has turned them into solid and durable pieces of jewellery. They will not break or bend easily. However if you give it your best you can of course damage them. So just be gentle.

However, precious metals are delicate and should be treated with care to keep them beautiful. Make sure to not scratch or drop your jewellery onto hard surfaces. Take it off when you go to the gym, to bed, the sauna or into a pool. Hair and skin products can also tarnish, discolour and possibly corrode your jewellery. Make sure to apply any skin or hair products before putting on your jewellery. Store it in the box it came in if you can when not using it. Don't store it together with other items as it might scratch or damage otherwise. 

Silver can lose its shine over time. To brighten up your silver jewellery we recommend using a silver dip solution with a polishing cloth. To remove any dirt gently clean with tepid soapy water and a soft toothbrush and dry with a polishing cloth.

When treated gently gold will keep its shine forever. It does not need to be polished. In case it gets dirty you can use warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush to clean it. If however damaged by not treating it right, cleaning will not bring back the original shine. 

Your happyness is our greatest concern. If you have any questions or problems about your jewellery being damaged or broken please reach out to us so we can see if and how we can help. We trust you understand that although our main goal is for you to be happy with our jewellery repairs or replacements due to uncareful treatment will be at your own expense.

Just be gentle, enjoy for many lifetimes

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