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White Rabbit Gallery is launching it's European presence and seeks to collaborate with a limited number of high value partners in both the jewellery as well as the fine art, (home) decor segment. We are looking forward to meeting you and discussing how our collection can drive additional traffic to your (online) store's and add something totally unique to your portfolio.


Our jewellery and fine art makes for the most exclusive and unique gifts which are guaranteed 100% unique, always. The top 8 reasons to reach out to us to find out more about becoming an official White Rabbit Gallery partner are; 


  1. White Rabbit Gallery offers a completely unique, unmatched portfolio of products that literally brightens up every retail environment.

  2. This portfolio will drive new and additional traffic and revenue in an area with very limited competition and will lead to extra revenue in already existing area’s.

  3. Good margins, low risk, little shelfspac.

  4. Limited competition due to selective partner policy and limited own e-commerce platform.

  5. We offer high quality support for retailers to incorporate the White Rabbit Gallery products both on and offline (high quality photos, product descriptions, shop display materials).

  6. White Rabbit Gallery will invest in both on and offline co marketing campaigns.

  7. Our own/B2C marketing efforts will drive new traffic to all its partners.

  8. White Rabbit Gallery unique branding and packaging make all our jewellery and totally unique gifting and receiving experience.

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