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  • Ancient cultures have used feathers as Talismans for centuries, as they are believed to avert evil and bring good fortune. This gold feather is a chique and original accesory for any occasion. Contains an actual Blackbird feather, plated in 24 karat gold. Guaranteeing your jewellery is 100% unique, always.


    Comes in 3 sizes

    • S - 2,3CM
    • M - 3,4CM
    • L - 4,5CM


    We love, respect and thrive to protect nature. All feathers we use are ethically sourced. No birds were harmed during the creation of your jewllery. As all our plated jewllery contains an actual organic core, every piece will be slightly different then the one on the picture.

    FREEDOM - Blackbrid feather - 24 karat gold plated

    PriceFrom € 100,00
    VAT Included |
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