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  • Abundant vertility and fun are attributed to the ‘Samara’; seed of the mighty Sycamore tree. Sycamores can grow to over 40 metres high and 500 years old. Found and picked from the Danehill, Ashdown forests. You might have played with them as a kid, now wear it as  a bespoke and original piece of jewellery. Contains an actual Samara, guaranteeing your jewellery is 100% unique, always.


    Height - 4cm

    Width - 2,5

    Weight - 3gr


    We love, respect and thrive to protect nature. All materials we use are ethically sourced. As all our plated jewllery contains an actual organic core, every piece will be slightly different then the one on the picture. Samara sizes can vary upto 1 cm in height and width.

    FERTILITY - Samara - pure silver plated

    € 69,00Price
    VAT Included |
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